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Guía Para Inversores Profesionales En Bahia, Brasil.

We offer a fully comprehensive service to professional and institutional investors. We have one of the largest portfolios of investment properties and large lands in Bahia as well as a diverse network of contacts throughout the state.
Our extensive range of local contacts and impartial advice will be invaluable in helping you to locate investment opportunities and complete profitability forecasts. In addition, we can help with many aspects of the due diligence process and bureaucracy.
We also have partners and contacts who can help in all matters relating to legal, advisory, financing, design, project management, fund raising, construction, environmental issues, valuation and due-diligence studies.

Open2.Investment Opportunities
Utilising our partners and extensive database we offer a wide range of investment opportunities, including lands and islands; commercial land; farms and agriculture; shops; hotels and resorts; businesses and commercial properties.

Open3.Investment Strategies
We work with clients who pursue a wide range of investment strategies, including land banking; commercial investment; construction; tourism based investment; joint ventures; strategic land and property purchases; sub-division of land and residential development.

Open4.Examples of Investment Strategies
Please find examples of some of the strategies employed by our clients;
Strategic Land Purchases and Value Enhancement
Many investors choose to buy land to benefit from price appreciation through strategic purchase and with the help of our extensive knowledge and local contacts throughout Bahia; we can guide you as to where the hot spots for development are and the up and coming areas.
Another route regularly chosen is the option to add value by improving the land in one of many ways, for example, adding infrastructure, such as water and electricity or improving accessibility.
There are other possibilities too, such as engaging an architect to draw up plans for development. Once this is completed and all stages of the approval process have been reached, the value of the land can be significantly enhanced.
We also offer investors an exit strategy to their venture, as our vast customer database and constantly updated website goes out to the Brazilian and international property audiences, as well as professional investors globally. We also market extensively through our branch and agent network.
Subdivision of Land
A common strategy employed by professional investors is buying land, improving it and selling it off as a series of divided sub-plots as part of a registered condominium. The logic of this is a simple one relating to scale, (the smaller the land, the higher the cost per square metre) value added and strategic purchase.
We are happy to identify land for you and to provide a full cash flow statement of potential returns – once the sub-plots are sold off – including the point of break even. We will also market sub-divided properties for you if you wish us to do so, both in Brazil and to internationally investors. We can advise you on all strategic issues relating to revenue maximisation of the project.
Joint Ventures with Developers and Land Owners
Certain land owners choose to engage in land swap ventures with developers and investors. The investor/developer may acquire the land, in return for giving the seller of the land a pre-specified percentage of the final construction or cash proceeds.
We also put investors in touch with developers keen to take part in joint ventures, for example where the investor purchases the land and forms a joint venture with a local construction company with a percentage split of final construction or proceeds.

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